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About the ACT Keyboard Association
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Patron Larry Sitsky AO

Since its inception in 2013, ACTKA has hosted a range of events – from masterclasses and workshops presented by visiting international pianists to student concerts by our local young musicians. The former have included workshops for teachers and students with pedagogues such as Christopher Norton, Jeanell Carrigan, and Tim Topham. We have also hosted masterclasses with Glen Riddle, Jovanni-Rey de Pedro, Edward and Stephanie Neeman, as well as workshops on the Alexander Technique and the Taubman Approach and much more.

The founding and subsequent committees comprise musicians from diverse backgrounds and specialisations to ensure that the association is representing the full range of keyboard activities in the ACT and surrounding regions.

ACTKA is a major sponsor of the National Eisteddfod and regularly assists with the Eisteddfod’s keyboard curriculum.

In 2016 ACTKA launched its own Piano Competition open to a wide age range and promoting both Australian and traditional repertoire.


The objectives of the association are:

To promote, encourage and collaborate in the study, practice, performance, teaching, knowledge and composition of keyboard related music.

To support a broad musical education including keyboard harmony and aural training.

To exist as a dedicated ACT keyboard organization with a vision to encourage collaborations with ACT bordering regional areas.

To look at new opportunities of delivering musical education relating to the keyboard, utilizing new technologies.

To collaborate with other organizations

To look at a broad spectrum of inclusive memberships of various levels to ensure that professionalism and excellence are promoted.

To encourage young emerging pianists to contribute to on-going activities.

To endeavor to establish awards and competitions.

To support keyboard tuition through scholarships

Click below to download the ACTKA Constitution and read more about our association

ACTKA Constitution_2013_Updated_Sep_2018

Meet the Committee

Our dedicated committee members are passionate about furthering musical, artistic & educational endeavors in the ACT and beyond.

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Marie Cull



Amber Harnisch



Giselle Roberts



Glennyss Leyne



Rebecca Simon



Veera Lehtimäki

Committee Member


Emily Leong

Committee Member

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