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ACKTA PD Evening: June 13

Smart Book-Keeping Habits with Merissa Little PLUS Teaching Pair and Hybrid Piano Lessons with Amber Harnisch


WHEN: June 13 from 7-9pm

WHERE: Hughes Baptist Church (34 Groom St, Hughes ACT)

TICKETS: https://www.trybooking.com/BCUZR

$30/member, $25/concession member, $40/non member (don’t forget you can claim this as a deduction!)


Session 1: Navigating tax and nitty gritty of small business got you feeling down? ACTKA is delighted to welcome skilled local accountant Merissa Little to share her knowledge and expertise.

Join us as we learn how to maximise returns, create good records & processes, become aware of any changes to legislation that may affect us and much more!

Session 2: Do you feel unhappy with how little you can fit into a 30-minute lesson? Do you want to give students longer lessons, but can’t fit it into your schedule and worry about the extra cost for families? Are you frustrated by students who forget to complete their theory homework, and who can’t or won’t attend extra theory & musicianship lessons?

Amber Harnisch explores the incorporation of collaborative small-group activities in the private piano studio for primary and high-school aged pupils. She will share highlights from her research project into one-on-one, pair, and small-group piano lessons, alongside insights gathered from interviews with students and teachers with direct experience of collaborative piano lessons. Two collaborative structures realistic to achieve in the average private studio setting will be discussed in detail, namely 1) hybrid lessons that include both one-on-one time and cross-over group time, and 2) shared lessons for two pupils at a time. Managing the practical aspects and challenges that go along with this form of teaching will also be considered, including planning lessons for mixed ability level groups (including siblings), scheduling and pricing different lesson formats, and how to encourage parents to trial different lesson formats.